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The shoot

  We decided to do the shoot in Berlin for 2 reasons - our photographer Till was based there but crucially we wanted urban sunlight, and Berlin was drenched in the stuff. Team XA left London one gloomy morning, Berlin bound. The location was a warehouse in Kreuzberg, known locally as X-berg (some coincidence!), in the former West Berlin (although it felt... read more

Cotton on

A while ago now, we were discussing who most represented the sense of the brand. There were several contenders. One of those was Steve McQueen (not that one, the other one. Cool Hand Luke, Hilts, that one). Feline, athletic without being obvious about it. A former marine who despite the Hollywood status was above all, a “regular guy”. XAVIER I is for... read more

Light Bulb Moment

Our first blog post, so I thought I’d explain why we are here... I was heading into my pilates class. A beautiful studio owned by a former Royal Ballet prima ballerina. Shoes removed and stored neatly on the rack by the door, before padding across to the reformer, wiped and towelled awaiting your arrival. Then it hit me. There were Giacomo’s shoes, an... read more