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Washing & Drying

Look after your kit. It's made to be washed. A lot. You'll find
the instructions printed on the inside of each garment, which
you should follow, obviously. As a general rule, the cooler the  
temperature the less the impact on the fibres. And of course,
it's better for the environment. Our garments are made of natural
fabrics, so washing on 30 degrees with today’s advance
detergents is plenty hot enough.

Do not tumble dry but instead dry flat for best results.

Because the colours are fixed you'll find that there is little immediate
loss of colour. As you wear and wash your kit you will notice a gentle
fade over time, giving a lived in quality, which makes the garment
truly your own. We like that. It looks especially good with jeans.


We make your kit out of 100% cotton. Why? There are a number
of reasons which quite reasonably you have never thought about.
It's hypoallergenic. It will not make you itch, nor irritate your skin,
that's why our medical friends use it when the best care is required.
It allows your skin to do its thing without interference.

It's a fabric that breathes, as nature intended. No hi-tech wizardry
required, it just lets your skin get on with its temperature control
thing without stress or strain. And its thermal qualities are excellent
year-round, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
It is all those tiny pockets of air caught between the fibres.

Then there is the "wicking". In the sportswear industry it was all
about the wicking properties of the fabric. Remember that? Cotton
is pretty much the leader of the wicking pack. It is that good.

Oh, and durability. This is where we say goodbye to cotton science
and get to the feel of cotton. Ever had a cotton T-shirt that felt less
like an old friend with each wash? No, neither have we. On that
durability point, whilst it's true you can get your kit in all sorts of
man-made blends that look great in the pictures, cotton is actually
very resilient, with high tensile strength, that gets stronger when
wet - just in case you where thinking about sweating at all?

We're not just about cotton though. Read our blog post on Fabrics.