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Cotton on

A while ago now, we were discussing who most represented the sense of the brand. There were several contenders. One of those was Steve McQueen (not that one, the other one. Cool Hand Luke, Hilts, that one). Feline, athletic without being obvious about it. A former marine who despite the Hollywood status was above all, a “regular guy”.

XAVIER I is for all those regular guys. No fuss. No noisy branding. No self-conscious engineering or compression panels. Just a tee, a really good one: one you could wear everyday if you wanted, and feel comfortable in your own skin wherever you found yourself.

We have chosen to work with really high-quality cotton. It’s a breathable, hypoallergenic fabric that works with your body. The cotton allows your skin to moderate your body’s temperature naturally, wicking sweat away and keeping you cool as the intensity of your workout builds.

The flip-side is that there will be some shrinkage in some of the garments simply because this is 100% natural fibre. But the material will stretch back and after a while, settle to become the reliable friend we know and love.

In addition to the careful selection of such a natural and trusted textile, XAVIER I is built on tailoring qualities. We have applied techniques of construction and finishing which ensure that each garment is both durable and comfortable. Actually, this kit will get better with wear as it moulds to your shape and softens.

Whatever the demands; heroic spinning, the reformer, L-sits or hot yoga, XAVIER I will work for you.

But that isn’t the end of the story. The range is growing. There are shorts, yoga pants, hoodies in cashmere, all of which we will produce over the coming months.

And as Winter moves into Spring we will be introducing a lightweight range for the athletic types.