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The shoot


We decided to do the shoot in Berlin for 2 reasons - our photographer Till was based there but crucially we wanted urban sunlight, and Berlin was drenched in the stuff. Team XA left London one gloomy morning, Berlin bound. The location was a warehouse in Kreuzberg, known locally as X-berg (some coincidence!), in the former West Berlin (although it felt like the east of London). South of Mitte, Till’s manor, and looking over the river Spree (see shot of Viny in the track pants). X-berg was once a really poor area, populated by squatters and revolutionaries. Now it’s an area of creativity and centre of counter-culture in Berlin. Ok, it’s a bit gentrified but it hasn’t lost its grit, it just has better coffee now. And the light’s pretty good too…if your'e thinking of going (just saying).

Our model for the shoot was Brazilian Vinicius Cenzi (Viny). He is 6’ 1”, chest 38”, waist 32”, laser blue/green eyes and a total gentleman. He explained that it wasn't all swanning around in a pair of millionaire’s y-fronts. No. He works out quite seriously, a schedule of cardio and weights more in keeping with a professional athlete, in whichever country he finds himself – and he never misses a day.

It was a bit of a day. Emosch even. We knew we had made something good but somehow the materialization of our brand in the course of the shoot exceeded our own understanding. The kit was outstanding!

So here’s where we say a massive THANK YOU to the crew : Toby, Gary, Alex, Till, Franzi, Kristina, Mr X, Nik and of course Viny.

And in case you are wondering, Viny’s favourites are the sweat pants and hoodie.